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eDab Spin Battery

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Product Features

  • Variable voltage range of 3.2V-4.8V
  • Easily spin dial to desired voltage for precision vapor output control
  • Available in 5 stylish colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Reef
  • Compatible with most 510 thread carts and atomizers
  • Accidental discharge, overcharge, and overheat protection features
  • Up to 6 hours continuous use on full charge
  • Authentic eDab logo on body and laser-etched on base
  • Full 6 month limited warranty

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eDab™ Spin Battery

The eDab Spin battery is the perfect power source for vaporizing essential oils and concentrates efficiently. Whether powering one of our HELOS line cartridges, the Stealth eSkillet, or most any other 510 thread atomizer, the Spin dab pen battery gives you precise control over voltage level, vapor output and intensity. Unlike the batteries found on most other concentrate pens, the eDab Spin battery allows you to instantly adjust the voltage according to your personal preference and substance being vaporized.

The eDab Spin battery has a voltage range from 3.2V to 4.8V, which is represented by numbers on the edge of the dial. To find your personal "sweet spot" simply spin the dial to adjust the voltage level instantly. Some users prefer to turn the voltage level down low for cooler, smoother pulls. Others prefer a higher voltage level for more intense vapor output or when dealing with difficult substances. Whatever your preference, the Spin will stay at the voltage level last set until you change it, so its always ready to vape when you turn it on.

Under the hood, the eDab Spin is far from your typical battery. Although not visible from the exterior, the quality of the internal battery cell in typical vape pens varies widely. The Spin is made with the highest grade battery cell available, ensuring a longer lifespan and safe, dependable performance. The Spin takes as little as 2 hours to fully recharge once depleted and can be used continuously for up to 6 hours, which usually translates to several days of real world use on a full battery.

The eDab Spin battery trades absolutely nothing in terms of form for function. The Spin has a smooth rubber finish making it comfortable to hold and soft to the touch, far superior to lower quality batteries that use hard plastic. The eDab logo and icon appear subtly printed on the side and laser-etched on the base of the Spin, showing its authenticity and complementing its refined design.

The Spin also has several important features which guarantee consistent, reliable performance and help to extend battery life. To prevent accidental discharge, quickly press the power button 5 times to lock the battery. This ensures you don't accidentally activate the battery while it is in your pocket, purse or bag. When ready to use again, tap again 5 times to unlock. The overcharge protection shuts the Spin off when fully charged to prevent overcharging which can damage or destroy the battery. Similarly, the Spin will blink several times in a row and deactivate when the power level is too low. This lets you know it is time to charge and stops it from over-discharging which can also render a battery non-working. The battery monitoring feature will automatically pause the battery when activated continuously for 10 seconds, protecting both the battery and atomizer from overheating while in use.

The eDab Spin Battery is currently available in five vivid colors: Black, Red, Blue, Pink and, coming soon, Reef. Its power button light is white, so it will not clash with the color of your dab pen battery. Although designed for use with eDab products, the Spin Battery can breathe new life into all your favorite 510 thread atomizers, whether for essential oil, eliquid, or dry herbs.

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  • Downloads

    Download the eDab product brochure for in depth information on eDab's entire product line.DOWNLOAD BROCHURE
  • how to use

    To turn the battery on/unlock, press the power button rapidly 5 times. To turn off/unlock press again 5 times in quick succession. The power button light will flash several times to signify that the battery has been locked/unlocked.

    The eDab Spin battery can output voltage between the 3.2V-4.8V. To adjust the voltage rotate the spin dial at the bottom of the battery to desired voltage level. Every line on the dial represents an increase in voltage by 0.2 volts.

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