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HELOS Deluxe Kit

OverAll Rating 4/5 Rating

Product Features

  • Innovative HELOS borosilicate glass globe cartridge
  • Premium variable voltage eDab Spin battery
  • Up to 6 hours continuous use on full charge
  • Includes 2 replacement ceramic atomizer coils
  • 3-piece compact cordless charging kit
  • Stylish HELOS logo lanyard and wax tool
  • Full 6 month limited warranty

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HELOS™ Deluxe Kit

The HELOS is the perfect combination of stylish design, durability, and performance in a premium quality globe vape pen. The Deluxe Kit contains everything you need to vaporize waxy oils and concentrates on the go easily and efficiently.

The HELOS cartridge features an innovative borosilicate glass globe that gives you a full 360° view of your vapor as it diffuses, so you know the absolute perfect time to inhale. The tall eNail coil inside utilizes an oversized ceramic dish that surrounds the heating element to make loading material effortless and mess-free. The eNail is positioned just under the mouthpiece, creating a short vapor path and intense vapor output. If cooler vapor is preferred simply allow it to diffuse inside the globe before inhaling or use the shorter enail (sold separately).

HELOS eNail atomizer coils are affordable to replace and extremely easy to swap in and out. With a quick twist you can unscrew the non-working coil and quickly replace it with a fresh one in seconds. The Deluxe Kit includes a total of three coils right out of the box, so you won't need to scramble to find one when a replacement is needed.

The HELOS is powered by a sleek 650mAh variable voltage eDab Spin Battery that allows you to further fine tune and enhance your experience. With a voltage range from 3.2V to 4.8V you have complete control over vapor output and intensity, making it easy to find your personal sweet spot. Simply spin the dial at the base of the battery to adjust voltage level to your personal preference instantly. The dial will stay on this setting until it is adjusted again, keeping your ideal voltage set by default.

All batteries are not created equal. In terms of both form and function, the eDab Spin battery is a truly premium device. Under the hood, the eDab Spin Battery is made with highest grade battery cell available. The Spin recharges fully in as little as 2 hours and lasts for up to an impressive 6 hours of continuous use, which usually amounts to several days of vaping before you need to recharge it. The Spin's smooth rubber finish makes it soft and comfortable to the touch and its power button light is white, so it will not clash with the battery color. The eDab logo and icon adorn the side and base of the Spin, showing off its refined style and authenticity.

To guarantee you get consistent and reliable performance, the Spin battery comes with important safety features not seen on other batteries. To ensure optimal lifespan, the overcharge protection will stop the Spin from charging when at full capacity to prevent damage. The overheat prevention feature deactivates the battery after 10 seconds of continuous use so you don't overheat the battery or atomizer. Accidental discharge is easily eliminated by pressing the power button 5 times in rapid succession to lock the battery when not in use. To unlock, simply tap the button again 5 times and you are ready to vape at a moment's notice.

Whether you are on the road, relaxing at home, or busy at work you can always keep your HELOS at full charge with the three piece universal charging kit. This includes a USB charger for laptops/computers, a car charger for those spontaneous road trips, and a wall adapter for when you are at home. Wherever you may roam your HELOS will be at your side ready to go.

The HELOS Deluxe Kit comes with a matching HELOS logo lanyard that securely attaches to the battery, making sure your new HELOS is securely around your neck, or wherever you hang it, and safe from unwanted falls. The HELOS Deluxe is currently available in four stylish colors: Black, Red, Blue and Pink and includes a 6 month limited warranty, so you can feel confident about your new investment. A complete user manual, quick start guide, and product guide are also in the box guaranteeing you have everything you need to enjoy your new HELOS globe vape pen.

Read Reviews About This Product

  • 4/5 RatingDigitaluxI've had this kit for a few months and works reliably. I'm not a huge fan of the tall eNail coils that come with this set but that is a matter of preference. I like the short ones better because they seem to allow for smoother hits. The coils do hold up very well even at higher voltage. My favorit part is the battery. It is sleek and easy to operate and really does make a difference in performance compared to other pens I've tried. Recently got the HELOS G cart and this is a big step up from the standard globe that comes in this set IMO. All in all very happy, one of the best pens I've used for wax and oils.
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  • Downloads

    Download the eDab product brochure for in depth information on eDab's entire product line.DOWNLOAD BROCHURE
  • how to use

    Quick Start:
    1. Remove glass globe and load ceramic coil dish with essential oil/wax/concentrate.
    2. Adjust output by spinning dial at base of battery. A good starting point is 4V.
    3. Press and hold the power button for several seconds while inhaling slowly.
  • Extras

    Important Tips:
    - Charge the battery for 6 hours before first use!
    - Keep the battery connection area clean.
    - Do not get sticky stuff on the power button.
    - To lock/unlock, press button 5 times quickly.
    - Use dial at base of battery to adjust output to preference.
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