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HELOS-G Cartridge Set

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Product Features

  • Innovative hand blown one piece boro glass globe/mouthpiece
  • Short enail coil for increased vapor diffusion and airflow
  • Sleek design with laser etched logo on base and clear o-rings
  • Working range of 3.2-4.8V, perfect for use with our Spin battery
  • Set includes cartridge base, glass globe/mouthpiece, and 3 enail coils

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HELOS-G™ Cartridge Set

The HELOS-G cartridge is the glass globe style atomizer perfected. The cutting edge all-in-one glass globe and mouthpiece provides remarkable airflow for an incomparable experience. The HELOS-G's glass airway path further reduces the materials your vapor comes in contact with during use by eliminating the need for a separate mouthpiece. The G's borosilicate glass dome is incredibly durable and being all glass, couldn't be easier to clean.

Enjoy a full view of your vapor as it diffuses and cools in the globe, thanks to the shortened ceramic eNail atomizer coil inside. Adjust your vapor intensity and output easily to fine tune each vapor puff to your personal preference by pairing the HELOS-G with an eDab Spin battery or use with any compatible 510 thread battery.

You get 3 eNails in each HELOS-G set (including the one attached to the cartridge) so you can effortlessly replace non-working coils when needed without scrambling to find replacements. The alluring laser etched HELOS-G logo and clear o-rings create a sleek and refined look that goes with any battery pattern, color or design.

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  • Downloads

    Download the eDab product brochure for in depth information on eDab's entire product line.DOWNLOAD BROCHURE
  • how to use

    1. Screw HELOS-G cartridge onto battery thread. Use with eDab Spin battery for best results.
    2. Remove glass globe and carefully load coil with a small amount of essential oil/wax/concentrate.
    3. Reattach the glass globe and enjoy.
  • Extras

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