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HELOS Mini Cartridge Set

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Product Features

  • Innovative HELOS borosilicate glass globe cartridge
  • Titanium coil design
  • Shorter atomizer allows maximum vapor diffusion
  • Set includes cartridge base, glass globe, and 3 enail atomizers

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HELOS Mini Cartridge Set

The HELOS Mini Cartridge is what the mini style vape pen battery has been waiting for, adapting everything you love about the beautiful HELOS glass globe cartridge to fit onto an even more portable design.

You have full control over your vapor output with the glass globe cartridge by watching the vapor form and diffuse right before your eyes. When you have your desired amount of vapor you can pull through the mouthpiece and enjoy super smooth vapor delivery.

Each set includes 3 enail atomizers with your choice of either the eNail or the eFunnel style. The eNail atomizer holds a large amount of material that can easily be placed directly on the titanium coil, while the eFunnel has a lowered coil to effectively vaporize all your material with no waste and a stainless steel funnel for effortless loading of the nail.

In addition to the choice between atomizer styles, you also have the choice of either the X style with standard mouthpiece, or the G style that sports an all glass globe/mouthpiece combo for amazing airflow and stylish design.

Pick up the HELOS Mini Cartridge Set and realize the true potential of your mini vape pen battery.

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