Compatible With:

  • HELOS-X Cartridge Set
    This item is 510/ego style battery thread compatible (most common).
  • HELOS-X Cartridge Set
    This item is compatible with oils, waxes and other concentrates.
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HELOS-X Cartridge Set

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Product Features

  • Innovative borosilicate glass globe
  • Shorter enail coil for increased vapor diffusion and cooling
  • Clear view of the coil and your essential oil
  • Working voltage range of 3.2-4.2V
  • Set includes cartridge base, mouthpiece, glass globe, and 3 enail coils

HELOS-X™ Cartridge Set

The HELOS-X cartridge is the ultimate solution for vaporizing your waxy oils and concentrates. The X features a short enail coil positioned in the center of the globe which allows hot vapor to diffuse and cool before you inhale it. This gives you more control over vapor output and intensity, allowing you to further fine tune your experience. This is especially true when the HELOS-X is combined with a variable voltage eDab Spin battery.

The HELOS-X's borosilicate glass globe provides a clear 360 degree view of the coil and your concentrate at all times, making it even easier to master. A large laser etched HELOS-X logo adorns the base, showing off its authenticity and style. Nothing is printed directly on the globe as this obstructs the view of the coil and will deteriorate over time.

You get 3 HELOS-X coils in this set to keep the vapor flowing without interruption. When it comes time for a new coil, simply unscrew the non-working enail from the base and screw the new one on in its place.

The HELOS-X is the perfect companion for your eDab Spin Battery and fits most other 510 thread batteries.

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  • Downloads

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  • how to use

    1. Screw HELOS-X cartridge onto battery thread. Use with eDab Spin battery for best results.
    2. Remove glass globe and carefully load coil with a small amount of essential oil/wax/concentrate.
    3. Reattach the glass globe and enjoy.
  • Extras

    Coming Soon:
    HELOS-X Travel Kit
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