Compatible With:

  • Stealth eSkillet Cartridge
    This item is 510/ego style battery thread compatible (most common).
  • Stealth eSkillet Cartridge
    This item is compatible with oils, waxes and other concentrates.
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Stealth eSkillet Cartridge

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Product Features

  • Sleek, streamlined design for discreet use
  • Super durable all-metal exterior eliminates easy damage
  • Extra large ceramic concentrate dish
  • Heavy duty coil for high performance
  • Easily swap out new coils when necessary without buying new cartridge

Stealth™ eSkillet Cartridge

The Stealth eSkillet is a high performance concentrate cartridge that makes it easy to enjoy covert vape sessions on the go. The Stealth's sleek design gives away nothing visibly so you can keep prying eyes at bay while you vape discreetly on demand.

The Stealth's smooth black rubber finish is soft to the touch and gives it a high end luxury feel. Matching perfectly with a many black rubber battery models, the Stealth makes an affordable addition to anyone's vape gear collection.

The Stealth sacrifices nothing in terms of performance or durability for its sleek design. The oversized ceramic dish (or skillet) allows you to load your material effortlessly without making a mess. The Stealth also features of a heavy duty coil which was custom designed to handle larger quantities of concentrate. It heats up instantly, giving you fresh vapor clouds with just the touch of a button while allowing you to fly under the radar, wherever you may be.

Instead of being forced to replace your entire cartridge if the atomizer burns out, you only need to replace the coil. When combined with a variable voltage eDab Spin Battery the Stealth provides the most customized experience, allowing each user to customize performance and control vapor output according to substance used and personal preference.

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  • Downloads

    Download the eDab product brochure for in depth information on eDab's entire product line.DOWNLOAD BROCHURE
  • how to use

    1. Unscrew Stealth eSkillet coil from cartridge body and mouthpiece.
    2. Using a hand tool, carefully load a small amount of essential oil/wax/concentrate onto the coil. Reattach coil to cartridge body and mouthpiece.
    3. Screw loaded cartridge onto battery and enjoy.
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    eDab Stealth Pen VV Travel Kit
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