eDab Fantom Shell

eDab Fantom Shell

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  • The eDab Fantom Shell lets you change up your style on a whim with 8 stylish colors currently available, including new Hot Pink and Military Green. Compatible with Fantom and Fantom Pro devices.

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Replacing your eDab Fantom's Shell is like putting a fresh, crispy new sneaker on it. Restore your device instantly by simply snapping on a fresh new shell. Change shell colors to match your mood, organize your flavors by color, or just keep a few back ups of your favorite color on hand. The eDab Fantom Shell is compatible with both the original Fantom and Fantom Pro series oil cartridge vaporizers. New colors are released periodically, collect them all!

eDab Fantom Shell Colors:
    • Hot Pink (not shown, image coming soon)
    • Military Green (not shown, image coming soon)
    • Honey Gold
    • Gunmetal Grey
    • Ultraviolet
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Black
    • Protects
    • Conceals
    • Makes cleaning a breeze
    • Replace your shell if lost or damaged and it's just like new
    • Interchangeable between eDab Fantom and Fantom Pro
    • Use your device with the Fantom Shell on or off
    • 1 x eDab Fantom Shell (Choose Color)
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