eDab Oil Cartridge Applicator (3 Pack)

eDab Oil Cartridge Applicator (3 Pack)


  • Fill and refill your cartridges with ease using these mini 1mL oil applicators made from medical grade glass.
The eDab Essential Oil Applicator makes handling oils & concentrates less messy and wasteful. Made from medical grade materials and featuring a 1mL capacity, this essential accessory makes frustration from filling, refilling, or emptying cartridges a distant memory. 

The applicator does not make use of or include any sharps or needles making it safe and effortless to use. Sold in affordable packs of 3, our applicator is compatible with optional blunt-edge tips. The tips can be of use when working with cartridges or containers with small filling holes, but may not be absolutely necessary for every application.

If you are sick and tired of struggling to manage your sticky concentrates, the eDab Essential Oil Applicator may just be the perfect solution. 

Quick Tip:

Be sure to properly clean your applicator in between use, this will keep it in perfect working order and extend its lifespan.
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